Life on purpose

High potency.
Pure cannabis.
All Ceramic-Glass.

Why Yolo?

We made Yolo because everyone deserves a pure cannabis experience without any extra hype.

Yolo is made by the Heylo team in the heart of Seattle, WA.
You can book a tour of the Heylo Cannabis Lab here.

Yolo offers the safest high-potency
pure cannabis vape experience.

Made with cannabis terpenes from full-bud and pesticide-free distillate in a high-quality full-ceramic cartridge.

Yolo is the surest way to enjoy high levels of THC without any of the bad stuff.



Pineapple Fruz

Animal Mints x Zkittlez

Pineapple Fruz is a delightful and uplifting cannabis strain that captivates the senses with its sweet and tropical aroma reminiscent of ripe pineapples. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers a euphoric and energizing experience, perfect for boosting mood and creativity.
85% Cannabinoids, 81% THC
8% Total Terpenes


Wedding Cake

Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Wedding Cake is a decadent and delectable hybrid cannabis strain celebrated for its enticing flavor profile and balanced effects. With a sweet and tangy aroma reminiscent of vanilla and sugary undertones, this strain offers a sensory delight.
84% Cannabinoids, 80% THC
10% Total Terpenes


Gelato Dream

Blue Dream x Gelato

Gelato Dream is a soothing and dreamy cannabis strain that envelops users in a tranquil haze of relaxation. With its sweet and creamy aroma, this indica-dominant hybrid delivers a sense of calm and gentle euphoria, making it an ideal choice for winding down after a long day.
84% Cannabinoids, 81% THC
9.6% Total Terpenes


Green Runtz

Zkittlez x Gelato x Green Crack

Embark on an extraordinary quest with Green Runtz, an enchanting, euphoric adventure through a rainbow wonderland. This Sativa-Hybrid is a party for your senses and has a balanced, uplifting high. 
83% Cannabinoids, 78% THC
8% Total Terpenes


Kushland Signature

Bubblegum x Huckleberry

Much like a beloved wholesale shopping experience, Kushland Signature delivers on quality and value with well-balanced genetics. Join the club for a relaxing, mellow, but not overly-sedating high.
84% Cannabinoids, 77% THC
10% Total Terpenes



Omega x Amnesia Cookies
x Alice in Wonderland

Prepare to evolve into the ultimate relaxation experience with Snorlax, a potent indica strain that embodies the serene and tranquil nature of its namesake. For a deep sleep and a gentle demeanor, Snorlax is the perfect companion for those seeking relaxation after a long day of catching ‘em all.
83% Cannabinoids, 78% THC
8.2% Total Terpenes

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